What your package includes

2nd JULY - 15th JULY 2022

Packages Includes:

  • Return flights
  • Your package is ATOL protected
  • Hajj visa and Hajj draft included
  • Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick 5* Hotel
  • Aziziyah apartments for Makkah stay
  • Group Ziyarah tour in Madinah – Historical Islamic sites
  • Half board meals in Madinah hotel
  • Full board meals in Aziziyah apartments
  • Full board meals in Mina tents
  • Mina tents with full AC, in European section (not the standard Mina Tents)
  • Arafah tents with full AC
  • Fully air-conditioned coaches for group transfers
  • UK Doctor accompanying the group
  • Dedicated Hajj staff throughout the Hajj tour
  • Dedicated religious guides throughout the Hajj tour
  • Islamic lectures and guidance throughout the Hajj tour
  • Qurbani included
  • Free pre-Hajj UK seminar


Scroll through our interactive itinerary

  • Day 1

    Depart from the UK & check into your Madinah 4* hotel.

    Sat 2 Jul
  • Day 2

    Ziyarah of historical sites in Madinah, Uhud, Masjid Quba & more.

    Sun 3 Jul
  • Day 3

    Prepare for Jummah prayers at Masjid Nabawi. Attend evening Islamic lectures

    Mon 4 Jul
  • Day 4

    Enjoy your stay in the blessed city of Madinah. Group seminar preparing for Makkah arrival & performing Umrah

    Tue 5 Jul
  • Day 5

    Leave Madinah & travel via private coach to Makkah, arrive at Aziziyah apartments & then leave for Umrah

    Wed 6 Jul
  • Day 6

    Aziziyah apartments stay. Go to Masjid Al Haram for prayers

    Thu 7 Jul
  • Day 7

    Prepare yourself for Mina, group lecture about preparing for days of Hajj

    Fri 8 Jul
  • Day 8

    Leave Aziziyah apartments & move to Mina camps

    Sat 9 Jul
  • Day 9

    Leave Mina camps & go to Arafah camp. Proceed to Muzdulifah after sunset & stay overnight

    Sun 10 Jul
  • Day 10

    Pray Fajr at Muzdulifah & make your way back to Mina. From the Mina camps depart for Jamarat & go for Tawaaf El Efada

    Mon 11 Jul
  • Day 11

    Mina camp stay & 2nd day of Jamarat

    Tue 12 Jul
  • Day 12

    Mina camp stay & 3rd day of Jamarat

    Tue 12 Jul
  • Day 13

    Leave Mina camps, perform final Jamarat, proceed back to Aziziyah

    Wed 13 Jul
  • Day 14

    Rest & recover at Aziziyah apartments & go to Masjid Al Haram

    Thu 14 Jul
  • Day 15

    Leave Aziziyah apartments & proceed to Jeddah Airport to return back to the UK.

    Fri 15 Jul

Your Madinah hotel accommodation


Excursion details in MADINAH

Included in all our Hajj packages

  • The Names of Allah Exhibition
  • The Holy Qur'an Exhibition
  • Special night tour of Masjid Nabawi
  • Special presentation on the history of Masjid an Nabawi
  • Ziyarah of Madinah, Masjid Ouba, Mount Uhud and more

Your religious tour guide



    Shaykh Dr. Saeed AlQadi is the Chairman of Al Muntada Trust and renowned speaker. He studied in Saudi Arabia and from an early age he excelled in Islamic studies. After graduation he obtained a PGCE in education and PHD from Roehampton University of London, UK. He is specialist in the field of Education & Islamic Law (Sharia). Being a prolific speaker Dr. Saeed AlQadi is known to take an active lead and presence at conferences and seminars. He is also, known for his contribution in relief work globally and particularly in Africa. He has over 10 years of experience with Hajj and has taken numerous groups for pilgrimage over the years.


    Ustad Imran Asif was born and raised in the UK however, he has lived, studied and worked both in KSA and Qatar. He studied at Queen Mary University of London and followed this higher studies at the University of Oxford where he gained a PGCE, PGDES and later a Master's Degree. He has an experienced background in education and has worked as a Physics teacher and more recently as an educational consultant. While aboard he had the opportunity to study under various Islamic Scholars in a range of topics. Ustad Imran has many years of experience in working with an array of Hajj operators from the UK. He is also very well known and still active in the London scene, delivering the Friday Khutbahs in various Masajid.